Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders carry out a very important role at Sutton Veny CE Primary School. They are responsible for ensuring that the equipment is looked after properly and assisting children (and adults!) in problem-free use of technological devices.

They are trained to know what to do when there are any issues with the iPads, laptops, robots and the Internet, or if another child is not sure what to do, as well as getting their own work completed effectively. After signing the Responsible Use Agreement for Digital Leaders they are entrusted with passwords and access to the device settings and are the only children in the school allowed to carry out certain tasks.

The children are also responsible for running Cybercafes and assemblies to advise others how to be safe and responsible users of technology and the Internet. They have produced school displays and classroom guidance covering a broad range of information including advice posters that have been published on our website.

In each class from Canberra Class to Nelson Class there are two Digital Leaders and each year two new leaders are selected from the eager applicants. We have a total of ten of these advisers and organisers, as well as some deputies who regularly give up their free time to set up classrooms and maintain the equipment and data. We are all very grateful and proud of their support.

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