The Maths Curriculum at Sutton Veny

The mathematics curriculum aims to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to develop into confident and creative mathematicians, so the children develop a love and passion for the magic of numbers. Our maths curriculum is structured to promote progression, so that:

  1. Pupils develop fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics.
  2. Pupils can reason with confidence about mathematical ideas and concepts
  3. Pupils can solve mathematical problems with increasing accuracy as they progress through school.
To achieve these aims, we adopt a consistent approach to teaching maths across the school. Typically, lessons begin with a short mental session to practise number facts, followed by whole class teaching and opportunities for pupils to apply and demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding. Teachers plan lessons to match the abilities of all the pupils in their class. This will involve planning to stretch and challenge pupils’ understanding and also provide targeted support where appropriate. Daily maths sessions, which take place during early morning work, allow the pupils to develop fluency of key skills in maths.
Maths in the Foundation Stage and at Key Stage One

Throughout the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, the teaching of maths focuses on developing strong mathematical foundations for the pupils to build on. Teachers use a range of physical resources to help the children understand the value of numbers and identify the key patterns in our number system. Counting forwards and backwards in different steps (appropriate to the age of the pupils) is an important part of helping the children master early number skills and introduces them to the rules of calculation.

Maths at Key Stage Two

Throughout Key Stage Two, pupils’ mathematical understanding builds on the solid foundations developed in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. Their knowledge of the number system and the four operations is taught and developed progressively, appropriate to their age and level of understanding. Pupils are given the opportunity to practise key calculation skills, which develops their fluency with the four operations. Teaching also encourages the pupils to reason and problem solve with increasing difficulty, as they progress through the Key Stage.
To see a list of the Maths apps we use at school please click below:

Apps used for Maths