Teaching & Learning

Our aims are …

  • to give children the best possible education 
  • to help every child to thrive and fulfil their potential 
  • to develop the positive qualities, attitudes and behaviours that will help the children succeed in life
  • to provide a safe, encouraging and and supportive environment for learning. 
We believe children learn best when they …

  • are motivated and engaged
  • feel valued and respected 
  • are resilient, confident and have high self-esteem
  • develop pride in their achievements
  • are given opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they are taught
  • have clear routines and structures in place
  • have the opportunity to reflect and evaluate
  • make positive contributions
  • are supported and challenged appropriately
  • listen and engage effectively
  • have a sense of ownership over their learning 
  • discuss their ideas and views with others
  • are praised and encouraged
  • are given constructive feedback.

We believe highly effective teaching takes place when teachers …

  • have a passion for teaching and learning
  • are well-planned, organised and well-resourced 
  • have high standards of the children's conduct and learning behaviour 
  • develop positive relationships with the children
  • have high expectations of what children can achieve
  • plan thoroughly and set clear objectives for each lesson
  • have excellent subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding
  • can adapt their teaching strategies effectively 
  • question pupils effectively
  • engage and involve pupils to maintain their interest
  • provide clear instruction, models and scaffolding to help the children to understand concepts
  • set clear, realistic targets to promote progress
  • use assessments to identify pupils’ strengths and difficulties
  • work collaboratively and share best practice  
  • are self-reflective and eager to improve their own practice
  • are motivated and supported to innovate and develop their own practice 
  • have access to high-quality professional development. 

The quality of teaching is the most important factor in securing progress and positive outcomes for the children. As a result, we are committed to improving our practice and developing the pedagogical approaches of our staff, so that teaching and learning continues to develop and improve.