Enriching Our School Curriculum

The Enrichment Programme

We take pride in offering a rich and vibrant curriculum with specialist teachers in French, Music, Voice Tuition, PE, Dance, Computing, Art and Falconry. This means that all year groups have a the opportunity to learn and develop skills in many different areas. Our enrichment takes place weekly on Wednesday afternoons.

Blocked Weeks

The curriculum is further enhanced with blocked weeks and themed days to enable in depth study in a particular area. These are linked to an area of the curriculum and allow the children to immerse themselves in a subject across the week. They often involve visitors coming in to school and provide opportunities to work collaboratively.

Themed Days

Themed days are planned to enrich and bring topics alive. This has included dressing up as a Victorian and experiencing life in a Victorian School, dressing as a Viking and experiencing a feast day and fundraising dress-ups for various charities. Our regular newsletters will tell you what we have planned for each term.

Visits and Visitors

We plan educational visits to enhance and consolidate the learning that takes place in school and we regularly invite visitors in to school to share their expertise with the children. Throughout the year children have regular opportunities to see live professional productions and work with musicians and performers.