Leadership Team
Headteacher – Mr Adam Lewis
Deputy Headteacher – Miss Leah Gee

For any questions, or queries about the school, please contact the office to speak to a member of our school admin team:

Administration Team
Mrs Dawn Elliott – Finance Officer and Administrator
Mrs Sophie Wilbond – Finance and Admin Officer

Class teachers
FS2 – Mrs Ali Dale (Mon – Wed) and Mrs Claire Blair (Thurs/Fri)
Year 1 – Ms Philippa Gray
Year 2 – Miss Leah Gee
Year 3 – Mrs Mandy Edwards
Year 4 – Mrs Clair Chatwin (Mon-Thurs) and Mrs Joy Winthrop (Fri)
Year 5 – Miss Maria Miles
Year 6 – Mrs Hazel Bell

Teaching Partners
Mrs Nicky Barnard (HLTA)
Mrs Emma Phelps (ELSA)
Miss Kate Last
Miss Rebekka Griffin
Mrs Claire Ellis
Mrs Ann Sheppard
Mrs Rebecca Cary
Mrs Cheryl Young

Enrichment Staff
Yoga – Mrs Rosie Poolman
Sport – Miss Elle Berrington
Sport - Miss Mia Goodwin
Music – Mrs Mollie Williams
Computing – Mrs Alison Dale
Art- Mrs Claire Blair
French – Mrs Fiona Wolsey
Falconry – Mr Alan Wells
Voice Tuition – Mrs Caroline Radcliffe

Lunchtime Support Staff
Mrs Dawn Elliott
Mrs Hilary Dix
Mrs Karen Smith 

Caretaker – Mr Toby Colin

Cleaning – Mrs Sharon Guest & Mrs Karen Smith (Direct Cleaning)