Core Christian Values

The Core Christian Values at the heart of our School

In 2023, Sutton Veny CofE School will reach a significant milestone and celebrate its 150th year anniversary. The 19th century founders of our school could never have imagined the educational developments and opportunities provided for the children today. Their ideals of providing a modest and worthy education for the village children of Sutton Veny have long been overtaken as we now lay foundations for their success in an increasingly complex and demanding 21st century. Yet there remains, at heart, a central core of Christian values, which, our founders would recognise, characterised by care for each individual, our neighbours and our world.

We teach the children the following values:

  • Trust… so that they will be loyal and trustworthy
  • Friendship… so that they will be kind and understanding to everyone
  • Courage… so that they will rise to a challenge and do what is right
  • Thankfulness… so that they can appreciate all of the good things in their life
  • Compassion… so that they will be thoughtful and accepting of others
  • Hope… so that they will look forward to the future
  • Humility… so that they will be modest
  • Justice… so that they will treat people fairly and empathise with others
  • Creativity… so that they will see awe and wonder in the world
  • Peace… so that they will live in harmony with themselves and each other
  • Truthfulness… so that they will be honest
  • Forgiveness… so that they will forgive and show empathy.

Staff value and care for each child, guiding them to ‘Reach for the Stars’ and do their best to live out these values in their everyday life. This develops strong ‘roots’ in each child, allowing them to flourish as human beings, and in their relationships with others. We hope that they will continue to bear the fruits throughout their lives!

Our focus on these core values has a powerful impact on the quality of relationships throughout our school, and creates a calm, harmonious environment for everyone to thrive in. We plan opportunities to explore the values during Collective Worship, in classrooms and look for them being carried out naturally by the children in their everyday lives.