Brisbane (Year 1)

Mrs Edwards

Class Teacher

Mrs Cary

Teaching Partner

Early Morning Activities

The children will use this time to review and practise basic skills in maths, handwriting, spelling and reading. They will also have the opportunity to play and learn outside in the Role Play shed. Over the term, there will also be several activities outside linked to our maths, English and Science work. They will also take part in Guided Reading sessions each week. On Friday’s session, the children will practise their weekly spellings through engaging activities and have a spelling quiz.



English is taught daily from Monday to Friday. 

This term, Brisbane Class will cover the following:

  • Bog Baby (2 weeks): Read and learn the story, creating a story map and learning some actions to help us. We will then innovate the story, creating a version of our own using some new vocabulary, adjectives and focusing on getting the punctuation just right, especially question and exclamation marks.
  • The Day the Crayons Quit (2 weeks): The children will be learning and recreating the story with a focus on first person writing and the way it will change our word choices.
  • Leaflets (2 weeks): The children will read a range of leaflets and then create one of their own with top tips for next year's Brisbane class! They will focus on persuasion and sub headings.


In Year One, Phonics is taught on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. We will be recapping phase four and five sounds, moving on to alternative pronunciations of other sounds. We will also learn tricky words (words that can't be worked out using phonics) associated with these phases and ensure we use them correctly in our writing. This term the children will take part in the national phonics check which will happen 1:1 with their class teacher in the week beginning 10th June. This will be done as part of their everyday activities at school.

Children will be bringing home spellings to learn this term, we will also be working on them in class too. 

Thank you for your continued support at home with practising spellings and hearing your child read regularly. It really does make a difference to all areas of learning.


We will continue to use the following vocabulary regularly in our Phonics sessions:

Phoneme – a sound in a word

Grapheme a letter or sequence of letters that represents a phoneme

Digraph – two letters that make one sound (e.g. ‘ai’ in rain)

Trigraph – three letters that make one sound (e.g. ‘igh’ in bright)

Split digraph – two letters that make one long vowel sound but they are split with other letters placed in between. You would have possibly learnt them as ‘magic e’ at school (e.g. ‘a-e’ as in name or taste)

Suffix – a group of letters added to the end of a word that changes the word’s meaning.

Prefix – a group of letters added to the start of a word that changes the word’s meaning.  




Maths is taught daily from Monday to Friday. Each session will start with a Number Sense lesson - the number equivalent of phonics which supports the underpinning understanding of the number system. During the maths session, the children will have the opportunity to develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving within each unit. 


This term, Brisbane class will cover the following objectives:

  • Multiplication and Division : Children will learn to count in 2s 5s and 10s, building on their work from last year. They will create arrays, make equal groups and learn about the links to addition and subtraction.
  • Money: We will be learning to recognise and count coins and notes and begin adding to a pound.
  • Position: We will describe turns using left, right, above, below forwards and backwards. We will use ordinal numbers and link this to our geography and computing work.
  • Time: We will be learning the purpose of the hour and minute hands, how many minutes in an hour, how many hours in a day, recapping the days of the week and months of the year and telling the time on the o'clock and half past


This term, the children will be learning all about plants. We will be looking at the plants we have grown outside and how they change over time. We will also use our outside learning to use the weather station we created and observe what is happening in our local environment. We will also plant more seeds as part of our outside learning.

History and Geography

 In Geography  this term our topic is The Great Outdoors. We will be looking at the natural world around us as well as locating places on maps and creating maps and routes of our own,. This topic directly links to our science and computing this term.


Computing will continue to be taught across the curriculum to enrich the children's learning in Maths and English and to develop their computing skills. Specific skills we will learn will be to begin early programming through the use of beebots to create and describe routes and maps.



In Art this term we will be using the artist Paul Klee as our inspiration to create patterns, prints and mosaics based around the natural world. We will explore his use of colour and try to replicate it in our own work.



RE will be taught weekly. This term children will be working on the topic of What do Christians Believe God is like?

  • The theme of God as a forgiving father
  • What a parable is and how it helps Christians to understand
  • To create links to their own experiences and verbalise their thinking


In PSHE this term we will be learning about being healthy. Children will learn

  • What is a healthy lifestyle?
  • Why is dental health important?
  • Why is it important to be clean?

 We will also be using the NSPCC Pants resources as part of our key stage 1 sex education. These resources focus on keeping children safe.


PE lessons are taught twice weekly on a Monday and a Friday this term. On Mondays the children will be learning fun ways to work on their overall fitness and the effect that movement has on their bodies. On a Friday we will be working on athletics and some specific activities in readiness for sports day, with an emphasis on being a good sports person and part of a team.. 


 Our trip will take place this term on Thursday 9th May, we will be visiting Old Wardour castle.
More information to come!