Nelson (Year 6)

Mrs Bell

Class Teacher

Mrs Cary

Teaching Partner

Nelson Class Timetable
Term 1 and 2

Early Morning Work

For the first half-an-hour of the day, Year Six focus on developing key skills in English and maths. The children work through a daily maths task to improve their mental agility. They will also have a handwriting task, which has a spelling, grammar or punctuation focus. This is also when children are heard read individually and also in guided groups.


Maths is taught daily from Tuesday to Thursday in Term Six. Nelson Class will develop their mathematical reasoning skills by applying their mathematical knowledge and understanding to a range of different topics and areas of maths. They will also enhance their knowledge of different mathematical formulae, in preparation for secondary school. Year Six will cover the following in Term Six:

  • Place Value
  • The four operations (adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying
  • Factors, multiples and prime factors
  • Fractions
  • Decimals and fractions
  • Percentages, fractions and decimals
  • Geometry- classifying shapes
  • Statistics

Our science topic this term is Evolution and Inheritance. This term the children will develop their scientific knowledge and understanding by explaining how living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living in the past and that living things produce offspring of the same kind. Through enquiry- based investigations, Nelson class will  understand that adaptions could lead to an evolution of species

Covers Maths, English and Science. It provides subject knowledge, interactive tasks and questions.

Covers key skills in Maths and English, although it is more challenging than BBC Bitesize.

Fraction games- Practise your mental maths with the range of fraction games


English is taught daily from Monday to Thursday and develops reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. During Term the following terms, Nelson Class will focusing on the following:

  • Recount and Characterisation
  • Classic Texts
  • Poetry
  • Diary Entries
  • Narrative techniques
  • Non-Chronological Reports

Our topic is Ancient Greece. During the first term the children will be focusing on history skills and this will be followed by geography skills in term two. This topic area will also be evident in other subject areas such as English, computing and DT. The children will focusing on the following skills:

  • To place features of historical events and people from the past in a chronological framework
  • To use a timeline to demonstrate changes in culture, technology, religion and society
  • To describe main changes in history
  • To choose reliable sources of evidence to find out about the past
  • to evaluate evidence source for reliability and accuracy
  • To identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude, the Prime/ Greenwich Meridian and time zones
  • To identify how human and physical characteristics impact on life in a location
  • To use geographical vocabulary precisely to identify human and physical features of a location
  • To use maps, atlases and digital mapping to answer geographical questions
In term two, the children will focus on sketching skills through the observation of a still life. Art will take place during enrichment.


This term Nelson Class will be developing their physical and well-being skills in netball and dance,. Netball is taught on a Tuesday afternoon and dance is taught on a Thursday afternoon.


Through the week technology is used as an exciting learning tool within many subjects. Children have a broad range of experiences using a variety of devices as they continue to develop their computing skills. The children learn to become digitally literate within a safe environment in order to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding both within and out of school. In the following terms, the children will be using computing to present information, learn about network and the world wide web. They will continue to develop their emailing skills.


PSHE is taught each term based on discussion and circle times. The children are given the opportunity to empathise with others and their emotions as well as coming to terms with and verbalising their own feelings and opinions. The theme for the following two terms is ‘Relationships and during these terms the children will focus on the following skills:

In term one, Nelson Class will learn about embellishment in designing and making textiles. The class will make a product which is fit for purpose and link with the Ancient Greek topic.