Geraldton (Year 5)

Miss Miles

Class Teacher

Mrs Sheppard

Teaching Partner

Mrs Ellis

Teaching Partner

Early Morning Work

For the first half-an-hour of the day, Year Five focus on developing key skills in English and Maths. The children work through a daily maths task to improve their mental agility in various different mathematical skills. They will also have a handwriting task, which usually has a spelling, grammar or punctuation focus. This is also a when children are heard read individually. Every child will be heard once every other week. On Friday mornings, Geraldton Class will be tested on their weekly spellings as well as working on a multiplication test.



English is taught daily from Monday to Thursday and develops reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. In addition to this, we have an extra skills based English session every other Friday morning. English units are usually taught over a two-week period. During Term Six, Geraldton Class will be looking at the following units in order to develop their writing skills:

  • Setting Description – Rainforests (One-week unit)
  • Narrative – Stories from different cultures – Running on the Roof of the World (Two-week unit)
  • Formal Persuasive Letters (Two-week unit)
  • Performance Poetry (One-week unit)



Maths is taught daily from Monday to Thursday. In addition to this, we have an extra skills based maths session on every other Friday morning in order to consolidate the skills learnt. The children build on their previous knowledge to extend their understanding in different aspects of mathematics. They also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge when solving mathematical problems and answering reasoning questions. Geraldton Class will focus on the following skills this term: 

  •          To read and plot coordinates
  •          To reflect and translate shapes
  •          To add and subtract decimals
  •          To multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000
  •          To understand negative numbers
  •          To convert between different units of measure
  •          To calculate the volume of shapes



In Science this term, Geraldton’s focus is animals including humans. We will be describing the process of reproduction in animals and creating a timeline which indicates the stages of growth in humans. Furthermore, we will be thinking about the changes that are involved in human development, comparing and contrasting lifecycles of different animals. During Science lessons, we focus on a variety of different skills which enable the children to work scientifically and understand how to conduct an experiment effectively. This term, we will be collecting and recording data using tables and graphs and thinking about the importance of selecting the right kind of graph to present data accurately.




In computing this term, Geraldton Class will be exploring coding through our programming unit. We will be using scratch and Micro:bits in order to think about how we code for specific purposes and create specific movements from our characters. In addition to this, we will be creating complex shapes and patterns by controlling the position and movement parameters.




This term Geraldton Class will have PE on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. On Mondays, they will have athletics sessions. In these sessions, they will develop their stamina, strength, skills in different athletics events. They will learn the importance of being a good sportsperson and encourage others to perform their best. On Tuesdays, they will have rounders sessions. In rounders, they will develop their hand eye coordination, throwing and catching skills whilst also developing their ability to strategize and use tactics to outwit their opposition.



In PSHE this term, our topic is ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’. The children will be learning about the importance of exercise and how to accept themselves for who they are. They will also discuss mental well-being and the importance of asking for help when they need it. In Term Five, they will cover the following:

  • The importance of a healthy body to our well-being
  • How to make well informed choices about their well-being
  • To understand the different people responsible for their personal health
  • How our emotions impact on our actions
  • To understand the changes that happen to their bodies during puberty and how to manage these


History and Geography

During Terms 5 and 6, the children will be using World War Two and its impact on Europe in order to inspire their history and geography topics. During Term 5, they will be exploring WW2 through a historical lens and focusing on the impact on the government had during WW2, propaganda and the views of the people. They will also be interpreting primary sources of evidence and delving into bias and the reliability of different sources of evidence while also thinking about gender and the roles of men and women and how these changed during wartime. Then during Term 6, we will be moving onto a more geographical lens as we will be exploring the difference between human and physical features, describe land use across Europe, predicting what a place may look like in the future and creating and answering different geographical questions of their own making. 



Geraldton class will take part in voice tuition this term. Our voice coach, Caroline Radcliff, will teach the children a wide variety of songs. They will learn how to control their voice, how to pitch their voice appropriately and to sing as part of a group, including singing in different parts. They will also be developing their performance skills by taking on different roles during the sessions.



This term, Geraldton Class will be taught Art by Mrs Blair on a Wednesday afternoon as part of our Enrichment programme. They will continue to explore the work of Van Gogh and use mod roc to create some sculptures.