School Bus Services

Please contact the school office to inform us if your child(ren) will be using the school bus services, so that they can be added to the school bus list. If your child will be travelling home from school by bus, our staff will put the term dates for the year in your child’s Link Book. Please update this calendar every day by circling if your child is on the bus, or crossing through the date if your child is not on the bus. We use this information to produce a daily bus register and it is important that it is accurate. 
Deverill Bus Service
The Deverill Bus Service is provided by Wiltshire Council and is fully-funded as it provides transport for those families who live in the school's natural catchment area. In the morning, the bus picks up the children at different points through the Deverills and drops the children at school for the start of the day. In the afternoon, the bus service is shared with children from Kingdown Secondary School, who also travel back to the Deverills. The bus will leave school promptly at 3.15pm. 
Warminster Bus Service
The Warminster Bus Service is contracted between Wiltshire Council and Beeline and there is a cost for using this service as it does not cover our school's natural catchment area. A ten journey ticket costs £10 and these are purchased directly from the bus driver. From Monday 3rd June 2024, the afternoon Warminster Bus Service will be a shared service with the Deverill Bus. This means that the children will travel to the Deverills on the bus before being dropped-off back in Warminster. 
The details of bus stops and times are as follows:
Morning Service Pick-Up and Timings
Weymouth Street 8:12am
Masefield Road 8:14am
Grovelands Way 8:16am
Portway (Fire Station) 8:24am
Copheap Lane 8:26am
Elm Hill (Garrison Church) 8:28am
Boreham Road (Highbury Park) 8:32am
Arrive at Sutton Veny School 8:42am 
 Afternoon Service Drop-Off and Timings
Depart from Sutton Veny School 3:25pm
Weymouth Street (opposite the Football Club entrance) 3:55pm
Elm Hill (Garrison Church) 4:05pm