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As a Voluntary Controlled School, all of our admissions are managed by our Local Authority, Wiltshire Council. You can find out about admission arrangements and applying for a place at our school by clicking here.

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Starting school is a very special time for you and your child. This page will explain how we introduce young children to Sutton Veny School life and provide you with the information you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Once we have received information from Wiltshire Council that your child has a place in our Reception Class (Auckland Class) we will send you a welcome letter and some forms to complete. 

In June you will receive an invitation to the Parents’ and Carers’ Meeting. This will take place on an evening and will guide you through the first stages of starting school. You will receive the information you need and your child’s ‘All About Me’ book and we will be able to address any worries or questions you may have. Even if you have older children in the school, please try to attend this meeting as the information is updated constantly.

You will also receive the dates for your child’s induction visit. This will be an afternoon when they can come into school to meet some of their classmates and enjoy a few of the Auckland Class resources. Some children like to wear their new school uniform but this is completely up to you and your child. During their visit they will draw a picture of themselves for their first ever school calendar that you will receive as a gift in September. Your child will also listen to a story, complete an art activity and choose the activities that they wish to take part in.

During Terms 5 and 6, the Auckland Class teachers will visit your child’s pre-school. This will be arranged between us and the pre-school but you will probably be informed when this is taking place by your pre-school. It is so important for us to see the children in their own familiar setting and the information that we gain from the pre-school leaders is invaluable.

In the Summer holidays your child will receive a letter from their new teachers to help prepare them for their first few days at school. It will tell them about our first topic in Auckland Class. If your child is at all worried about starting school there are a number of story books that may help, including ‘Topsy and Tim Start School’ by Jean and Gareth Adamson, ‘The Colour Monster Goes to School’ by Anna Llenas or ‘Starting School’ by Alan and Janet Ahlberg. Wiltshire Council also provide this ‘School Readiness’ leaflet to help prepare your child for school.

In September, your child will start their new school! For some children this can be a very exciting time and they can’t wait to get in the classroom, for others it may be a very daunting and worrying experience. We are determined that every child feels as calm and settled as possible, and that we can address all their needs in a caring and professional way. To achieve this, the first days at school are organised into two sessions, with half of the class attending in the mornings and the other half attending in the afternoons. This way the children are able to receive twice as much attention and only have to get used to half the number of new friends at once. By Week 2 all the children will be coming to school for the morning session and staying for lunch together. School is a lot more exhausting than pre-school and most children will find a whole day very hard to manage straight away. We understand that this can be difficult for working parents and child care provision, but we have found this structure to be the best way to achieve a smooth and happy transition for young children starting school. Once we reach Week 3, your child will stay all day.

Once at school, your child will receive free milk (until they are five) and free fruit or vegetables as a snack (until they finish Year 2). Please register for, or opt out of, the milk provision through this ‘Cool Milk’ website. You will also receive log in and password information so that you can access eSchools, our communication platform, and Parent Pay, through which you can order free lunches for your child and make donations towards school trips.

During September, you will be invited to our ‘Back to School Night’. This is a whole-school initiative where class teachers meet with the parents, giving you the opportunity to find out more about the curriculum, timetable, expectations and class routines. It will also give you another chance to see your child’s classroom and some of the work they have already created. We also offer a ‘Learn-along’ session where you can come into school with your child and join in with the first hour of their day. These dates will be on your school calendar and in the termly newsletter and on our website.

In October, the school invites you to sign up for a parent/teacher meeting where you will be able to look at your child’s work and discuss how well they have settled into school. There will also be a ‘Curriculum Evening’ in Term 2, to offer further information and a deeper understanding of the curriculum coverage in Auckland Class.

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