Elliston (Year 4)

Mrs Chatwin

Class Teacher (Mon-Thurs)

Mrs Barnard

Class Support (Mon - Thurs)

Mrs Sheppard

Class Support

Early Morning Work

For the first half-an-hour of the day, Year Four focus on developing key skills in English and Maths. The children work through a daily maths task to improve their mental agility. They will then complete a handwriting task based on spellings, grammar or presentation, or a reading comprehension task. Children will also be heard read at least once every other week during this time.

English is taught daily from Monday to Thursday and develops reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. English units are usually taught over a two week period. The children have the opportunity to learn about different texts and are encouraged to develop their own creativity and style. In English the children are taught key spellings, punctuation and grammar to help support their accuracy in reading and writing. Elliston Class will cover the following genres this term:
  • Recounts: Newspaper reports (2 weeks).  
  • Explanation texts (2 weeks)
  • Book discovery (1 week)
  • Narratives.

Maths is taught daily from Monday to Thursday and the units covered are usually one week in length. The children build on their previous knowledge to extend their understanding in different aspects of mathematics and apply their knowledge when solving mathematical problems and puzzles. In addition to revising and learning new times tables Elliston Class will cover the following units this term:

  • Shape
  • Statistics
  • Position and Direction

Our Science topic for Term 6 is ‘Electricity’. The children will develop their scientific knowledge, skills and understanding by:

  •         Identifying  and naming appliances that run on electricity.
  •         Identifying and naming the components of a series circuit (cell, wire, bulb, switch and buzzer).
  •         Exploring the function of a switch in a circuit.
  •         Constructing a series circuit.
  •         Predicting and testing whether a bulb will light within a circuit.
  •         Exploring examples of conductors and insulators.
  •         Drawing a circuit diagram.

The children will work scientifically by: observing patterns, for example, that bulbs get brighter if more cells are added, that metals tend to be conductors of electricity, and that some materials can and some cannot be used to connect across a gap in a circuit.

Topic (History and Geography)

Our Topic for Terms 5 and 6 is The Victorians: The children will develop their skills as a historian by:

  • Placing The Victorian times on a time line.
  • Understanding what life was like for poor children in Victorian Britain; including some of the jobs they may have done and how reform and laws tried to help them.
  • Describing and experiencing what Victorian schooling might have been like!
  • Exploring Victorian architecture; including buildings local to us.
  • Investigating Victorian inventions and their impact.
  • Understanding the significance of changes in medical care during Victorian times.

This term Elliston Class will participate in rounders and athletics.
PSHE is taught weekly through both taught sessions and also supported during circle time. Our PSHE topic this term is ‘Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing’. The PSHE sessions give the children a chance to develop their communication skills, learn about themselves and others, as well as learning about the wider community.

The children will be taught to:

  • Understand ways of keeping physically and emotionally safe and healthy
  • Understand that mental wellbeing is a normal part of daily life in the same way as physical health
  • Develop techniques to calm themselves and manage difficult feelings.


This term the children will be exploring electrical systems.

Religious Education

RE is taught in a focused block week at the end of the term where the children learn about different religions and themes. RE is also supported during themed collective worship each day. This term the children will be exploring the Kingdom of God and exploring  what .the impact of Pentecost was when Jesus left.

The children are taught computing skills throughout the week during different lessons as a way to help develop and support their learning. This will include using a variety of programs on both iPads and laptops. The children follow the school SMART rules to ensure that they use the internet and ICT equipment sensibly. 


Music is taught throughout the year covering a variety of techniques and styles including singing practice each week. This term, the children will be exploring the meaning of words in some of our hymns and songs and exploring percussion.