Canberra (Year 2)

Miss Gee

Class Teacher

Miss Last

Teaching Partner

Miss Berrington

PE Teacher (Thursday afternoons)

Canberra's Topic for Terms 5 and 6 is ‘Growing’.


Early Morning Work

For the first half-an–hour of the day, Year Two practise and consolidate key skills in Maths and English. Children will read individually to the teacher during this time.  They will be heard at least once per fortnight.

Additionally, interventions will take place as part of Early Morning Work.


English is taught daily and each unit will span a one or a two-week period, developing the children’s reading, writing, handwriting and speaking and listening skills.

This term our units of study are:

  • Recipes (1 week)
  • Traditional Tales: Rapunzel (2 weeks)
  • Limericks and mirror poems: Rapunzel stimulus (1 week)
  • Author Study: Jill Tomlinson (2 weeks)

To begin each English session, children will participate in a Phonics session, which will include revision of Phase 3 to 5 sounds, as well as coverage of Phase 6 sounds and spelling rules. 


The main focus of the teaching of Maths is to develop every child’s confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. The children will work with numerals, words and the four operations, including access to lots of practical resources to support their understanding of the key concepts. The school follows the White Rose scheme of work and, this term, we will be focusing on:

  • Time (1 week)
  • Statistics (2 weeks)
  • Position and Direction (2 weeks)
  • Addition and Subtraction: Expanded Written Methods (2 Weeks)

The children will continue to learn their x2, x5, x10 and x3 times tables - as well as all of the corresponding division facts - throughout the term.


During Science this term, the children will undertake a ‘Local Habitats and Micro Habitats' unit, so our growing topic switches from small to big to become big to small! The children will be developing their skills in:

  • Describing how a specific habitat provides for the basic needs of living things there (plants and animals);
  • Matching living things to their habitats;
  • Exploring micro-habitats;
  • Describing how animals find their food;
  • Asking and answering questions about their local environment;
  • Using their senses to make observations;
  • Using scientific vocabulary effectively.

Alongside their Science learning, the children will also be developing their computing skills (‘presenting information’), through the 2Graph programme.


The children are taught computing skills throughout the week during different lessons as a way to develop, support and inspire their learning. This will include using a variety of programs on both the laptops and the iPads. The children follow the school's SMART rules to ensure that they use the internet and computing equipment sensibly. This term Canberra Class will be developing their understanding of and skills in:

  • Retrieving and manipulating digital content;
  • Presenting information;
  • Word processing;
  • Research


Religious Education

RE is taught in a focused block week at the end of term, where the children learn about different religions and themes. RE is also supported during themed collective worship every day. This term, the children will be continuing their study of Christianity, with a focus on God, through the key question: What do Christians believe that God is like?


Map Makers: A Local Study

How do you create the perfect map?

During Term 6, the children will develop their skills in Geography through a ‘Map Makers' (Local Study) unit of work: This will include:

  • collecting and displaying simple data, using pictures, graphs and charts
  • using compass points and directional language when referring to maps and planning routes
  • constructing simple maps with keys and symbols to show the main features
  • describing and recognising the geographical features of locations, using photographs and plans
  • observing and naming the human and physical features of a local location


During Term 6, the children's learning will be centred on 'Health and Wellbeing'. They will consider strategies to assist in managing their feelings and they will also explore what it means to make the correct choices. The children will discuss the importance of good personal hygiene and what this means. Canberra's learning will additionally entail how they can find help for themselves or others. (This will include separate work through the NSPCC 'PANTS' project). 

Physical Education

This term Canberra Class will be developing their physical skills in swimming. On Tuesday afternoons, they will be travelling to Warminster Sports Centre and will be taught by qualified swimming coaches. The children will need to remember their swimming kit on this day. Children should also wear their PE Kits to school every Tuesday for ease of changing at the Sports Centre. On Thursday afternoons, Canberra Class will participate in a weekly cricket session led by Miss. Berrington - as always, please ensure that your child wears his/her PE kit to school on Thursdays, so that they can make the most of this lesson. Longer hair will need to be tied up and jewellery removed.

During the first part of Term 6. Canberra Class will be busy rehearsing their amazing dance in the run up to the Key Stage One Dance Festival at the Bath Forum in June.

Design and Technology

For Design and Technology this term, Canberra Class will be undertaking a food and nutrition unit, which will culminate in them creating their own healthy wrap. Their focus learning objectives will include:

  •        Classifying foods into the groups of the Eatwell plate;
  •        Preparing a simple dish that does not require a heat source;
  •        Working hygienically and describing what this means;
  •        Preparing food safely (including chopping, peeling and grating);
  •        Evaluating the food product that they have made;
  •        Recognising what they have done well and suggesting things that they could do in the future.

Modern Foreign Languages (French)

During Term 6, Canberra will be studying French with Madame Wolsey every Wednesday afternoon for their Enrichment. During these sessions Year 2 will be meeting new friends, Milo and Amélie, and sharing their enthusiasm for a range of sports.

Through a video story, song and accompanying actions, the children will be expanding the range of colours that they know, using simple verbs to talk about different sports, using some weather phrases and building confidence to use French greetings in and beyond the classroom. Allons-y!


During Term 6, Canberra Class will be participating in Voice Tuition lessons every Friday. Our voice coach, Caroline Radcliff, will teach the children a variety of songs. They will learn how to control their voice, how to pitch their voice appropriately and how to sing as part of a group.