At Sutton Veny, we value the diversity of technology in the twenty first century and the influence this has on the lives of  children. We also appreciate the exciting role digital devices can play in the education of the pupils at our school. We aim to provide each child with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to utilise technology safely and effectively in their current work both in and out of school. We strive to develop a passion for computing that will remain with them, and develop throughout their education and their working life.
The children have access to centrally stored laptops, iPads, programmable robots and data recorders. Through regular access to a range of digital devices the children become familiar and confident with a variety of software and hardware.

Computing skills are taught throughout the year covering word processing, programming, manipulating digital music and images, and creating multi-media presentations on a variety of devices. This is carried out through all subjects including literacy, numeracy and topic work. We also continually focus on the importance of online respect and safety.

Programming skills are taught by using a variety of floor and on-screen robots and simulations as the children design, write and adapt their own instructions. The robots range from simple programmable toys to complex Lego Robotic creations whilst the on-screen experiences include creating procedures for drawing patterns and designing computer games and animations.
The children also come to understand how a network functions, how a computer receives information from the internet and the opportunities networks offer for communication and collaboration. They learn how to use search engines effectively and how to judge the quality and authenticity of online information.
Through our online safety programme, the children are trained to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly and how to recognise acceptable and unacceptable on-line behaviour. For more information on online safety please click here.
Follow this link to find out about the invaluable role of our DIGITAL LEADERS .

To find out more about the current areas each year group is studying, and the content, please visit each class page.

Computing Policy and Curriculum Progression

Computing Policy

Computing Curriculum Progression

COMPUTER CODING is creating a set of instructions in order to tell your computer what to do.

If you would like to practise your coding skills with Angry Bird or Elsa and Anna click on the links below;
If you would like to practise your coding skills with Scratch you can do so online by clicking here

For instructions click on the relevant PDF below.

Getting Started

Level 1

Felix and Herbert

Whack a Witch


Level 2

Fruit Machine

Fish Chomp

Desert Race

Level 3

Paint Box

What's That