Collective Worship

Collective Worship Policy 2022.pdf

As a Church of England School we base our worship on Christian teachings, values and traditions of the Christian Church. However, we conduct our worship in a manner that is sensitive to the individual faith and beliefs of all members of the school community. Collective worship plays a very important part in promoting the Christian ethos of the school, encouraging the children to have high levels of spiritual and moral reflection and to ensure that all children are valued, and their achievements are recognised.

Collective worship is used to encourage the children to:
  • Reflect on their achievements, learning and their own life
  • Acknowledge and reward achievements both in and out of school
  • Consider broader aspects of living within a local and global Christian Community, to recognise key events and stories from Christianity and the Church calendar.
  • Reflect on current experiences and themes that influence and impact on the children’s lives

Through our organisation of Collective Worship we:
  • Conduct worship in a sensitive, dignified and respectful way; ensuring that all those of faith, or none, feel valued and welcome.
  • Show the children that worship time is a period of reflection and spiritual connection.
  • Regard worship as a special time for the community; where we can come together; explore, learn and worship.
  • Encourage the children to contribute their ideas and thoughts; welcoming their feedback and interaction.
  • Create an atmosphere by using music, lighting candles or using objects that act as a focal point for the attention of the children. The cross is our main focus, lit by class candles to show that Jesus is the light of the world.
  • Help children become confident and innovative ‘Young Worship leaders’; giving all children in key stage 2 the chance to plan and lead worship. (FS2, Key stage 1 AND 2, also lead elements of worship across the year as part of our Christian calendar of events.)
Our Themes for each term in 2022/23:

Term 1 – Courage
Term 2 – Creativity
Term 3 – Peace
Term 4 – Trust
Term 5 – Forgiveness
Term 6 – Justice
Our Themes for each term in 2023/24:

Term 1 – Thankfulness
Term 2 – Compassion 
Term 3 – Friendship
Term 4 – Hope
Term 5 – Truthfulness
Term 6 – Humility 
Please see below for approach to worship:

A Weekly Overview of our Collective Worship

Mondays – Singing Worship – The children will learn a variety of hymns; traditional and modern and reflect on their meaning. They can request favourite hymn’s from our singing worship leader. They enjoy this time to worship through music and song.

Tuesdays – ‘Values ‘ Collective Worship – teaching staff will lead this worship; based on the value for the term. The community come together to explore the value. Each term, Young Worship leaders ‘summarise’ the value-planning and leading worship at the end of each term.

Wednesdays – ‘Meet the World’ Collective Worship-the children will have develop their knowledge, understanding and ability to reflect on key people, places and events from around the world. This worship still contains a Christian element.

Thursdays – ‘Values ‘ Collective Worship – Led by the clergy and ‘Open the book’ team; through stories from the Bible based on the value for the term.

Fridays – Celebration Assembly (Family worship) – A celebration of birthdays, certificates and special people which will take place in the hall. All families and carers are invited to be part of this. This promotes the community spirit of the school and is a practical demonstration of the way home and school work together to celebrate the achievements of our children.
Young Worship leaders

All Key stage two children are given the opportunity to lead worship in a variety of ways; through leading ANZAC, Easter and Christmas services, but also in a more formal way. Children can join a special ‘Young worship leaders’ club, where they are able to work and plan together to lead worship each term based on our current value. The children take delight in thinking about how to ‘gather, engage, teach and send out’ the whole school with important messages based on Christian teachings. The young leaders write their own prayers and teachings which have included art, drama, prayer, music, class challenges and quizzes! They also help to evaluate the impact of worship in the school. The children really engage when it is their own peer group standing in front of them to lead worship and this results in a great balance of worship experience which they receive each term. Spiritual reflection is a key part of this. Below are some responses from different age children; showing their thoughts and ideas during worship and reflecting the maturity and wisdom which they show…..

‘I think Jesus wanted everyone to love each other. He might be sad if we don’t.’ (Year 1 pupil)

‘Look after the animals because God made them.’ (Year 2 pupil)

‘I really like the peace and quiet of worship.’ (Year 5 pupil)

‘Just have a chat if you want to mend a broken friendship.’ (FS2 pupil)

‘Jesus acted like he wanted everyone else to act.’ (Year 6 pupil)