At the start of the school year we produce a school calendar with details of dates, events, and meetings for the forthcoming year; the termly newsletter provides updates and reminders to this. In addition to this we update the home page of our website, and the notice board at the entrance to the playground, with information for the week ahead. Copies of our newsletters can be found below (most recent first).

We will send out regular school updates via our eSchools platform. You will receive these via email, or through the eSchools App. Please keep a look out for these updates as they will keep you informed about up-and-coming events, school news and any new guidance that we receive. Thank you.
2022-2023 Academic Year

Term 6 Week 2 Update.pdf

Term 6 Newsletter 2024 .pdf

Term 5 Week 5 Update.pdf

Term 5 Newsletter 2024.pdf

Term 4 Week 5 Update.pdf

Term 4 Week 4 Update.pdf

Term 4 Week 3 Update.pdf

Term 4 Week 2 Update.pdf

Term 4 Week 1 Update.pdf

Term 4 Newsletter 2024.pdf

Term 3 Week 6 Update.pdf

Term 3 Week 4 Update .pdf

Term 3 Week 3 Update.pdf

Term 3 Week 2 Update.pdf

Term 3 Newsletter 2024.pdf

Christmas Newsletter 2023.pdf

Term 2 Week 3 Update.pdf

Term 2 Week 1 Update 2023.pdf

Term 2 Newsletter 2023.pdf

Term 1 Week 6 Update 2023.pdf

Term 1 Week 4 Update.pdf

Term 1 Week 3 Update 2023.pdf

Flu Vaccination Sept 2023.pdf

Term 1 Newsletter September 2023.pdf