Safer Internet Day 2018

Our Digital Leaders led internet safety activities for all the children. These included fun games, quizzes and thinking about the effect of our time online.





Smartie the Penguin helped the youngest children to understand how important it is to tell an adult if something strange happens on the computers.



Every single thing we do on the internet leaves a mark. If we write a comment to someone in a message we cannot take it back. If we put a photo online it is always there and people may be able to copy it or change it or just keep it. What sort of things do you do online?




How much do you know about staying safe online? Do you know what to do if something goes wrong or if you receive a strange message? The children talked with their friends to decide on the best choices to make.



How does the internet make you feel? What do you do on the internet that makes you feel happy? Have you ever seen or read anything on the internet that makes you feel sad? Has anything ever made you feel angry? Do some of the games you play make you feel cross and frustrated? The children talked about their own experiences online.



This year the e-safety theme was ‘A better internet starts with you’. This means that is up to everyone to make sure that the internet is a happy and safe place to be. Every child thought about something positive that they could do online in order to help make the internet a better place for everyone. They then wrote this on their ‘good deed’ wristband.