Teaching & Learning

Our aim is:

  • To give children the best possible education
  • To foster a love of learning and develop academic and social skills in a safe, supportive and caring environment, where individuals are valued


We believe children learn best when they:

  • Are challenged, motivated and engagedDSCF4457
  • Are resilient, confident and have high self-esteem
  • Develop pride in their achievements
  • Are given opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they are taught
  • Have clear routines and structures in place
  • Have the opportunity to reflect and evaluate
  • Listen effectively
  • Have a sense of ownership
  • Discuss their ideas and views with others
  • Are praised and encouraged
  • Are given constructive feedback


We believe effective teaching takes place when teachers:

  • Have a passion for teaching and learning
  • Are organised
  • Structure their lessons and maintain a good pace
  • Develop positive relationships with the children
  • Hold high expectations of what children can achieve
  • Plan thoroughly and set clear objectives for each lesson
  • Have good subject knowledge and understanding
  • Use a variety of teaching styles and strategies
  • Question pupils effectively
  • Involve pupils and maintain their interest
  • Set clear, realistic targets to raise standards
  • Use assessments to identify pupils’ strengths and difficulties
  • Work in a supportive environment where all staff have opportunities to contribute to whole school evaluation and improvement
  • Are self-reflective and eager to improve their own practice
  • Are motivated to innovate and improve
  • Are clear in their mind about what they are teaching
  • Have high standards relating to behaviour and work expectations