Religious Education

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R.E. (Religious Education)

R.E. in Sutton Veny School follows  the Wiltshire locally agreed syllabus for RE.  As a Church of England school the Christian calendar is a focus throughout the year. R.E. is usually taught in blocked weeks each term, with Christianity being taught in every year group. This  allows in-depth exploration of key questions.  The children follow an enquiry-based approach;
in Key stage one learning about:
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And in Key Stage two learning about:
R.E provides a valuable time for the children to investigate these religions, evaluating their own knowledge and exploring what difference this might make to their own beliefs and lives.  It allows them to learn about and from religion and human experience.

The children take pride in recording their written work in R.E. books, but their learning may also take place through story, drama, art or music. Through R.E. lessons the children also develop their critical thinking skills. They experience valuable opportunities to explore spiritual, moral, social and cultural questions relevant to their lives.

We are proud that R.E. lessons at Sutton Veny School:

  • encourage reflection on the ‘big’ questions
  • enhance critical thinking and evaluation skills               st lawrence chapel singers
  • supports spiritual development
  • equips the children for a world of diversity

To find out more about R.E. topics, please visit individual class pages.