Music at Sutton Veny

Children in the school are very fortunate to take part in a range of musical activities. Through these experiences we endeavour to develop each pupil’s sensitivity to, and understanding and enjoyment of, music by taking an active involvement in listening, performing, composing and appraising.

Each week the children all take part in singing worship encompassing a variety of modern and classic songs and hymns linked to seasonal and worship themes. For two terms of the year the pupils enjoy voice tuition with Caroline Radcliffe. They are taught songs, chants and rhymes from many different cultures and in a range of languages!  The children are trained to use their voices expressively and creatively, as well as developing an understanding of tempo and dynamics. Singing is a great strength of the school and the children often sing at school and local community events.

As part of the school’s enrichment programme, Amanda Williams teaches each class to play a range of pitched and unpitched percussion instruments rhythmically with increasing confidence and control. The children are encouraged to experiment with combinations of sounds to create varied musical effects.

From Year 2 each child is taught to play the recorder. This progresses from playing from aural memory and simplified notation to using and understanding  a musical stave. The children are also given the opportunity to compose their own rhythms and simple melodies. Throughout Key Stage 2 they learn to play the instrument with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression.

Through topics and themed assemblies the children are trained to listen to, and appreciate, a range of high-quality live and recorded music. This music incorporates different styles and traditions from a variety of cultures, times and places.