English at Sutton Veny

We believe that every child has the right to receive a high quality education in English. We ensure that our curriculum is broad, balanced and interesting so that the children enjoy developing their knowledge, skills and understanding as a reader, writer, speaker and listener. We are passionate about teaching pupils to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others, and ensure that through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them. We provide many opportunities for the children to practise their literacy skills.

Reading and Writing

Each child is heard individually by the teacher, volunteers and during guided reading. We have a levelled reading scheme in place and every child has an individual reading book. The children progress through the scheme until they become “free readers” they then choose books from their class book corner, or from the library. A reading record supports home/school dialogue and parents are encouraged to hear their children read every night.

The children are taught a series of structured literacy lessons. This involves whole class teaching, group, guided and independent work. The children learn to read and write different fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. At other times in the day the children listen to stories and are heard read.

In writing the children are taught to become confident writers and to write for a range of different purposes and audiences. They write regularly and receive feedback and targets to help them improve.

Spoken Language

Across the curriculum children are given opportunities to speak, offer their opinion and give presentations. The children are always encouraged to use good listening skills when others are speaking.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation, phonics and Handwriting

The school has a rigorous and structured programme in place for teaching phonics, spelling and handwriting.

To find out more about the English content for each year group, please visit each class page.

For a list of the Literacy apps we use at school click here.