Tuesday 7th February 2017

Global Safer Internet Day

We  celebrated this international event with activities and competitions and
some of the children’s advice and messages are uploaded here so we can
‘Unite for a Better Internet’


We provide the children with quality internet access as part of their learning experience and ensure they gain the most from it by encouraging responsible online behaviour. The principles of internet safety are taught within Computing and PSHE lessons and are also promoted through national E-Safety and Anti-Bullying Weeks. By following the SMART rules, whenever they use the internet, children are prepared for the safe and respectful use of technology both within and outside school. We also promote polite behaviour when communicating online. For our guide to social media etiquette for children, click here.

Advice from our Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders have produced some information and reminders to help the children stay safe on line.

To read these click on each letter below!

B E   S M A R T


For children’s activities and information for parents click on the following links:

thinkuknow                  download                 share_kidsmart                   Schools---Budde

For guidance on setting parental controls on your home computer and devices please use the following links:

                      Windows 7           Windows 8          

For a PDF of the Digital Parenting magazine: