Mill on the Brue

At the beginning of every school year, Year 5 and 6 go to Mill on the Brue. It is a fantastic opportunity to really get to know our new teachers and there are lots of fun activities like rifle shooting, zip wire, tunneling, leap of faith and raft building. We have written about some of them in more detail here.

Rifle Shooting

We all got 3 pellets each go and you got 3 goes. You had to lie on a damp mattress and there were 4 rifles, 2 with scopes and 2 without scopes.
“It was so cool. I found it challenging trying to get as close to the bulls eye as I could” said Reuben.
“I really think it was cool and I really enjoyed it. I think everyone enjoyed it!! said Oliver

Raft Building

One of the most popular activities was the raft building. You had to build your own raft out of barrels, rope and logs. Then you had to test it in the river, the Year 5s and 6s also had a race. One person said “I found it VERY difficult, I got so frustrated at one point I nearly fell off the raft!” Another person said “I really enjoyed rafting, it was so much fun trying to find the right materials to build the raft.”

Zip Wire

One of our favourite activities was by far the zip wire. This amazingly long run stretched across the entire activity centre, and was very fast!! Almost everyone had a brilliant time, and some people even conquered their fear of heights. The zip wire is about 500 metres in length and took about 30 seconds to complete.  Flying through the sky at approximately 30 miles an hour with a self-activated parachute was definitely very excitable, giving you adrenaline and a sense of awareness: what’s not to like?!
Although amazing to most people, understandably a few people

were quite afraid of the zip wire. “I loved the zip wire, it was just so amazing!  It was so beautiful and with the added excitement of that adrenaline rushing through your bones, I nearly cried at one point.” said Rosie

As you can see, Mill on the Brue is a very exciting place and everyone enjoyed it.

By Reuben, Oliver and Rosie