Learning Outside of the Classroom

At Sutton Veny School we believe that high quality outdoor learning experiences have a positive impact on children’s development, health and well-being. The benefits include;

  • Stimulating curiosity and creativity
  • Developing an appreciation of the world around them
  • Developing practical learning skills
  • Increasing self confidence
  • Developing social, personal and emotional skills
  • Developing knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Learning how to manage risk
  • Creating truly memorable moments in their lives

For many children these experiences begin a lifelong love and engagement with the outdoors.

The children in our school have access to frequent, continuous and progressive outdoor learning experiences through;

  • Twice daily play times on the playground and field
  • Continuous outdoor provision for FS2 in the courtyard
  • The enrichment programme with Poppies and Parsnips (Outdoor learning/forest schools)
  • Local area walks, welly walks and church visits
  • An annual activities week (To start off the year and encourage class team building)
  • A Year 5 and 6 residential
  • A range of visits to enhance teaching and learning
  • A range of visitors to enrich the children’s understanding
  • Our sporting enrichment programme (including gymnastics at the Springboard Centre and swimming at the Sports Centre)
  • Engaging in local sports events
  • Singing in the community at a range of venues