Hot Lunches

Since September 2014, all infant children (Auckland, Brisbane and Canberra Class) have been entitled to have a free hot school meal everyday, funded by the government. At Sutton Veny, our hot meals are provided by Acorn Education Trust.

How to take up this offer

Letters and menus are sent out ahead of each term and parents are asked if they wish for their child to have a hot lunch for the term. The menu details the three different options available each day. Vegetables, fresh water and a dessert are provided with each meal.

Parents can choose to take up this offer for the term, or opt out, but they are unable to alternate between the hot meals and packed lunches on different days. If parents choose not to take up this hot lunch offer, they send their child to school with a packed lunch every day. The children and staff all eat together in the Village Hall, whether they are having a hot lunch, or a packed lunch.

We are now able to offer a paid hot lunch option to all of key stage 2. A letter and menu is sent out each term.

Please click below to open a sample menu;

Menu Summer 2019