Football Tournament

On 27th November 2017 a selected squad from the Geraldton and Nelson Football Club, went to the Kingdown Secondary School Astro-turf to play in the qualifying stage of the inter-school football tournament.

Our team included: Jack (Goalie), Adam, Griff, Rudi, Sean, Alex, Matthew, Oliver and Rufus. This year we were in the large school category, as last year we won in the Small Schools. Some of the schools we played against were Minster School, Paxcroft -in Trowbridge-, Bellfield and Bitham Brook.

When the matches started, straightway the defence was challenged by an offense attack by the opposition. Jack saved many exceptional goals but only some, which only the best goalkeepers in the world could save! Our underestimated attack was enveloped by the oppositions defence. Some slips and slides caused a dramatic effect on some players!

Mr Lewis tried in vain to raise positive attitude, but hopes were still leaving minds. One of the schools (Minster) was a close match, as it was a draw. Griff nearly scored a penalty but put it straight into the keeper’s arms.

Credit: Jack and Alex (Website Journalism Club)