Glitz, glam, hairspray and lots of makeup!

The dance festival was amazing, with an exciting, action filled routine.

On Thursday the 8th February, Years 4, 5 and 6, went to the dance festival.
The children had 45 minutes to get ready and then had to go to the upstairs photo room where the group had their photo taken before they took their seats. The dancers had their sweets and water, and watched the show. Our Sutton Veny dancers were the 15th team to dance and they danced to a medley of Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley, Bad by Michel Jackson and Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. By the end of the dance festival, all of the representatives from Sutton Veny were exhausted and needed a good night’s sleep. They thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to dance at the Dance Festival.

Thank you Mrs Poolman for teaching the routine, Mrs Nash for supervising the club and Mr Lewis for helping the dances go so smoothly. Thank you also to Kingdown for the organization of the Dance Festival. A great deal of hard work went into rehearsing for the dance, so lastly thank you to the dancers. DVDs of the performance are on sale.

This is what some of the dancers said…..

‘I found it incredible.’

‘I enjoyed dancing and had a great time.’

‘I enjoyed stepping on stage and seeing the audience.’

‘Seeing the other schools competing was awesome.’

‘Mrs Poolman trained so hard to teach us the routine.’

By Maisy and Marcia