Nelson (Year 6)

Class Teacher: Mr Lewis

Teaching Partner: Mrs Young

Nelson Class Timetable

9:00-9:30Early Morning WorkEarly Morning WorkEarly Morning WorkEarly Morning WorkWeekly Spellings and Arithmetic Skills
10:50-12:15EnglishEnglishEnglishEnglishPE: Tag-Rugby
1:15-2:25SciencePE: Tri-GolfOutdoor LearningHistoryPSHE
2:30-2.50Whole School WorshipWhole School WorshipSinging Worship Whole School Worship
2.15 Celebration Assembly


Early Morning Work

For the first half-an-hour of the day, Year Six focus on developing key skills in literacy and numeracy. The children work through a daily maths task to improve their mental calculations and fluency of key mathematical skills. They will also have a handwriting task, which has a spelling, grammar or punctuation focus. This is also a when children are heard read individually. Each child will be heard once every-other week. On Friday mornings, weekly spellings will be tested as will the children’s mathematical arithmetic skills.



Literacy is taught daily from Monday to Thursday and develops reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Literacy units are usually taught over a two week period. During Term One, Nelson Class will cover the following:

  • Authors and Texts – Responding to Texts (one week unit)
  • Narrative Genres – Suspense and Tension (two week unit)
  • Non-Fiction – Report writing (two week unit)
  • Poetry – Power of Imagery (one week unit)



Maths is taught daily from Monday to Thursday. Maths units are typically one week in length. The children build on their previous knowledge to extend their understanding in different aspects of mathematics. They also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge when solving a range of mathematical problems and puzzles. Nelson class will cover the following units in Term One:

  • Fractions (three week unit)
  • Geometry – Classifying Shapes, including circles (one week unit)
  • Measurement – Area, Perimeter and Volume (one week unit)
  • Assessment – (one week unit)



Our Science topic for this term is Evolution and Inheritance. The children will develop their scientific knowledge, skills and understanding by:

  • Exploring fossils and how they provide evidence of the past
  • Understanding that offspring have similarities and differences to their parents
  • Identifying how animals and plants adapt to their environments
  • Studying theories of evolution and key scientists in this area

Using scientific evidence to support and contest ideas



For our history topic this term we will be studying the Ancient Mayan and Aztec Civilizations. The children will develop their skills as a historian by:

  • Carrying out historical enquiry and evaluating sources of evidence
  • Asking and answering historical questions
  • Studying artefacts from this period of time
  • Understanding Mayan and Aztec beliefs
  • Learning about the Mayan and Aztec number system
  • Exploring how the Aztecs settled in central America
  • Understanding how the Aztec civilization ended



This term Nelson Class will be developing and applying their physical skills in Tri-Golf and Tag Rugby  sessions. During rugby sessions, the children will develop their ball skills and their hand-eye coordination. They will also develop their understanding of the rules of rugby and the tactics applied to defending and attacking. In Tri-Golf the children will learn how to hold a golf club correctly and how play different shots. The sessions will help develop their striking skills and their accuracy when doing so.



In PHSE this term, Nelson Class will learn about how to cope in challenging situations. They will learn strategies to help them take responsibility for their own, and others’, safety. This will include staying safe online, dealing with conflict and challenging stereotypical, or pre-judgemental views. This unit of work will help the children to manage difficulties they may experience in a responsible way.



In art this term Nelson Class will use the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations as inspiration for their art work. They will produce 3D work, using clay and learn how to make precise markings on their work. They will also develop their mixed media skills, by combining different techniques to produce a final piece of art work.


Enrichment Afternoon: Outdoor Learning

Nelson Class will work with The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust this term for their enrichment sessions. They will work within the local environment to develop their knowledge and skills of the outdoor environment. This will involve survival techniques and broadening their understanding of the natural world.


Religious Education

RE will be taught in a block week towards the end of the term and will focus on key beliefs of Christianity. We will explore the belief of incarnation (God coming to earth as Jesus in human form) and how this impacts on the religion. The children will also focus on the importance of Mary and why she was chosen by God for her role in this belief.



BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize

Useful websites for year 6 subject knowledge:

Covers Maths, English and Science. It provides subject knowledge, interactive tasks and questions.

BBC Skillswise

BBC Skillswise

Covers key skills in Maths and English, although it is more challenging than BBC Bitesize.



Woodlands Juniors

General revision with interactive activities and past SATs papers.