Brisbane (Year 1)

Class teacher: Miss Potter
Supported by: Mrs Steer(Mon-Thurs am), Mrs Nash (Fri am)



Brisbane Timetable

9:00-9:40Early Morning WorkEarly Morning WorkEarly Morning WorkEarly Morning WorkWeekly Spellings
10:50-12:05Letters and Sounds
Letters and Sounds
Letters and Sounds
Letters and Sounds
1:15-2:30Outdoor GamesPSHEEnrichment -
TopicLetters and Sounds/Handwriting
2:30-3:00Collective WorshipCollective WorshipHymn PracticeCollective Worship2.15 Celebration Assembly


Early Morning Work

From Monday to Thursday the children in Year One start their day with Early Morning Work which focuses on developing key skills in literacy and numeracy, including a weekly ICT-based activity. They will also take part in guided reading one morning a week. Children are heard read individually during this time, and this will be on a fortnightly basis.



Literacy is taught daily from Monday to Thursday and develops reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Literacy units are usually taught over a two week period. Handwriting will be taught on a Friday. This term, Brisbane Class will cover the following:

  • Non-Fiction: Recount
  • Non-Fiction: Instructions
  • Fiction: Stories with Repeating Patterns


Letters and Sounds

The Letters and Sounds programme focuses on securing word recognition skills essential for children to decode (read) and encode (spell). In Year One, the Letters and Sounds programme is taught on a daily basis from Monday to Thursday. Children are taught Phase 5 Letters and Sounds which focuses on high-quality phonics words, to ensure children develop fluent word reading skills and have good foundations in spelling. Terminology: phoneme – a sound in a word; grapheme – a letter or sequence of letters that represents a phoneme.


  • Read further graphemes for reading
  • Read alternative pronunciations for graphemes
  • Practise recognition of graphemes in reading words
  • Practise reading high-frequency (common) words
  • Practise reading two-syllable and three-syllable words
  • Practise reading sentences


  • Write alternative spellings for phonemes
  • Learn and spell and practise high-frequency words
  • Practise spelling two-syllable and three-syllable words
  • Practise writing sentences



Maths is taught daily from Monday to Thursday and the units covered are one week in length. The children build on their previous knowledge and use practical resources to develop their confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. This term, Brisbane class will cover the following units :

  • Number and Place Value – knowing odd and even numbers; counting in twos; doubling and halving single-digit numbers.
  • Addition and Subtraction – reading, writing and working out addition and subtraction sums using +, – and = signs; adding and subtracting 1-digit numbers up to 20; adding and subtracting zero.
  • Geometry: Position – positioning and describing up, down, left, right, top, middle, bottom, on top of, in front of, above, between, around, near, close, far, inside and outside; positioning and describing forwards and backwards.
  • Measurement: length – comparing, describing and solving practical problems for length and height; measuring and beginning to record lengths and heights.



Our Science topic for this term is Materials. Children will learn about distinguishing between different everyday objects and the materials they are made from. They will also learn how to recognise and name a variety of materials and their properties. Children will develop their scientific knowledge, skills and understanding by:

  • Making simple observations
  • Using simple scientific language
  • Sorting and grouping different objects and materials
  • Using findings to answer questions
  • Recording findings using words, pictures and tables
  • Talking about what they have found out and how they found it out.

Throughout the year, the children will also investigate Seasonal Change, where they will be observing and noting changes to the weather and local environment.


ICT and Computing

ICT is used in across the curriculum to enrich the children’s learning. They will use iPads and laptops to record their work, as well as using a range of programmes to support their literacy and maths skills. The children will learn how to use technology safely, as well as basic skills such as logging on using a password and beginning to save their work.


Geography and History

Our Topic for this term is Our Local Area and the United Kingdom. The children will continue to learn about the geography of where they live, looking in greater detail at the four countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities. The children will develop their skills as a geographer by:

  • Using basic geographical vocabulary to describe places
  • Using locational language to describe the features of a map
  • Adding key features to a simple map
  • Presenting data collected from simple surveys
  • Using simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of the local area.

The children will develop their skills as a historian by:

  • Understanding the different between things that happened in the past and the present
  • Finding out some facts about people and events from the past
  • Using phrases to describe the passing of time.



This term in Art Brisbane class will be looking at Colour Mixing. The children will be learning about the primary and secondary colours. They will also be investigating a range of artists who use these colours in their work and will be encouraged to respond to their work. The focus this term will be on painting, using a variety of tools.



Our DT topic in Term 2 is Cooking. The children will be learning about working safely and hygienically to make a food product. They will look in greater detail at where certain foods come from, beginning to group similar products together.


Religious Education

RE will be taught in a block week towards the end of the term and focuses on the festival of Christmas. The children will look at the Nativity Story and explore the idea that God sent Jesus to earth. They will also be reflecting on the gifts which were brought to Him, as well as thinking about what they would give the baby Jesus and why.



Our PSHE topic this term will be ‘Out and About’. The children will be thinking about people who could help them in the community, how to keep themselves safe, as well as looking in more detail at road and fire safety. The children will also think about what it means to be a good friend and this importance of taking care of each other.



This term Brisbane Class will be participating in Outdoor Games and Gymnastics.  Outdoor Games will take place on Mondays and Gymnastics on a Friday. In Outdoor Games, the children will continue to develop key physical skills such as balance, agility and co-ordination. In Gymnastics, they will be learning to perform a range of jumps, rolls and travelling movements, as well as how to link these to form short sequences, both on the floor and on low apparatus. They will also continue to develop their understanding of the importance of exercise for their health.