Auckland (FS2)

Class teachers: Mrs Dale and Mrs Smith

Teaching Partners: Mrs Phillips (AM) and Mrs Sheppard



Auckland Timetable

9:10-9:40Early Morning WorkEarly Morning WorkEarly Morning WorkEarly Morning WorkEarly Morning Work
9:40-10:30NumeracyNumeracyNumeracyNumeracyArt and Design
10:50-11:35LiteracyLetters and SoundsLetters and SoundsLetters and SoundsVoice Tuition
11:35-12:00LiteracyLiteracyLiteracyLetters and Sounds
1:20-2.30DanceUnderstanding the World - Science and Design TechnologyEnrichment: ProgrammingWelly WalksPSED/RE
2.30-3.00Whole School
Whole School
Singing WorshipWhole School
Celebration Assembly

Our Topic for Term 2: Percy the Park Keeper

Early Morning Work

Our early morning work consists of guided group reading, individual reading and independent activities, for example, use of the role play area, reading corner, outside area and laptops. The guided group reading is led by Mrs Phillips. This involves sharing a book using multiple copies of the same text and discussing the features of the book, punctuation, and story. The children share their own relevant experiences as well as applying phonic knowledge to read the words. This is also the time where individual children read to Mrs Dale, Mrs Smith and parent helpers.


This term our topic is ‘Percy the Park Keeper’.  Therefore, our literacy lessons will stem mostly from the stories written by Nick Butterworth. The children will continue to apply what they are learning in Letters and Sounds in order to segment and form letters to write words, phrases and whole sentences. This term we will explore:

  • Story mapping and retelling parts of a story
  • List writing
  • Using the laptops to type captions
  • Fact writing

We will also explore and learn about woodland animals, nocturnal animals, different types of trees and, at the end of the term, the Christmas story.

Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds (or phonics) is taught four times a week. The sessions last around 20 minutes. Each week the children will be learning four new sounds, most of which will be ‘two letters, one sound’.  Each session consists of a quick revision of all of the previously taught sounds and jingles, learning the new sound and jingle, practise writing it, and apply the new sound to words and phrases.

The children will bring home a new mini-book most weeks to support what they have learned in letters and sounds. These mini-books can be used at home to practise the decoding of words and recognition of tricky and high frequency words.


Maths is taught every day except Friday. Every week we will have a different focus all of which builds on problem solving, reasoning and numeracy skills. Whilst the children are learning independently there are other opportunities outside of mathematics lessons where they can develop their skills and understanding. This term we will focus on:

  • Counting things you can’t touch
  • Teen numbers and grouping tens
  • Estimating
  • Measuring and comparing length and height
  • Counting objects to 10 and beyond
  • One more and one less beyond 10
  • Mathematical symbols
  • 3D shapes


The children will be listening to several pieces of music and composing their own dance to accompany the music. They will be thinking about different woodland animals and how they move and then try to imitate this in their dance. The children will be developing movement and spatial awareness skills whilst using their imagination and building confidence.

Understanding the World

To support our topic of Percy the Park Keeper will be looking at materials. We will be investigating a range materials to discover more about their identification and properties. The children will develop their scientific skills in making predictions, investigating, observing and questioning. They will also develop their designing and making skills through planning and making a hut for Percy. We will spend time observing buildings in the local area as well as the changes and differences in the weather and seasons.

Computing – Enrichment

This term our enrichment session is programming with Mrs Lisle. The children will be developing their computing skills using BeeBots, laptops, cameras and iPads. They will focus on a range of skills, for example:

  • Turning on laptops and selecting folders, files and programmes.
  • Taking pictures using cameras.
  • Giving instructions to BeeBots and onscreen characters.
  • Using and completing apps on iPads.

Outdoor Games

This term the children will be developing their co-ordination, movement, and throwing skills through learning and playing a range of target games. They will have the opportunity to use a variety of PE equipment whilst increasing their target skills.

We will also be using this opportunity to go on some Autumn Welly Walks. We will also be working outside to develop our outdoor learning area; planting bulbs and weeding ready for the Spring (just like Percy!).


In term 2 we will be learning about giving and receiving gifts; saying ‘thank you’. This will lead up to learning about Christmas and why we celebrate it. We will also continue having circle times to support the children’s understanding of the class rules. Circle time is a time for the children to reflect on the outcomes and events of the week in order to make positive relationships within the class and to develop their own self-confidence and awareness.


Voice tuition will be delivered by Caroline Radcliffe every Friday morning. The children will learn about rhythm, pitch and patterns in music through simple songs. This will foster a love of singing and develop confidence in performing within in the class.