Auckland (FS2)

Class teachers: Mrs Dale and Mrs Smith

Teaching Partners: Mrs Phillips (AM) and Mrs Sheppard (PM)



Auckland Timetable

9:10-9:40Guided ReadingGuided ReadingGuided ReadingGuided ReadingAthletics
10:50-11:35Letters and SoundsLetters and SoundsLetters and SoundsLetters and SoundsVoice Tuition
11:35-12:00LiteracyLiteracyLiteracyLiteracyIndividual Reading
1:20-2.30Understanding the World - GeographyUnderstanding the World - ScienceHymn Practice
1.15 - 1.45
Art and DesignRE/PSHE
2.30-3.00Whole School
Whole School
1.45 - 3.00
Whole School
Celebration Assembly

Our Topic for Term 6: Healthy Bodies

Early Morning Work

Our early morning work consists of guided group reading, individual reading and independent activities, for example, use of the role play area, reading corner, outside area and laptops. The guided group reading is led by Mrs Phillips. This involves sharing a book using multiple copies of the same text and discussing the features of the book, punctuation, story and own relevant experiences as well as applying phonic knowledge to read the words. This is also the time where individual children are heard reading by Mrs Johnson, Mrs Smith and parent helpers.



This term our literacy work will focus on the topic of Growing. The children will continue to apply what they are learning in letters and sounds in order to segment words for writing, progressing to whole sentences. This term we will be:

  • Writing instructions
  • Describing things around us
  • Setting a scene for story characters
  • Retelling familiar stories

Letters and Sounds

Letters and sounds (or phonics) is taught daily. The sessions last around 20 minutes. Each week the children will be learning two or three new sounds, most of which will be ‘two letters, one sound’.  Each session consists of a quick revision of all of the previously taught sounds and some of the jingles, and then we learn the new sound and jingle, practise writing it and apply the new sound to words by writing and/or reading.

We encourage pupils and parents to continue practising newly developed skills by using the mini-books that were given out in previous terms. These mini-books should be used to practise the decoding of words and recognition of tricky and high frequency words.



Every week we will have a different focus all of which builds on problem solving, reasoning and numeracy skills. Whilst the children are learning independently there are other opportunities outside of mathematics lessons where they can develop their skills and understanding. This term we will focus on:

  • Counting on to add numbers
  • Counting back to take away
  • Investigating 2 and 3D shapes



Physical Education

On Friday mornings we will be taking part in a range of outdoor games.The children will be developing their co-ordination, movement, and throwing and catching skills through learning and playing a range of target games. They will have the opportunity to use a variety of PE equipment whilst increasing their target skills. We may also take some opportunities to go on Welly Walks throughout the term to look for signs of growth.


Art and Design

This term Art  will be taught by Mrs Smith on a Thursday afternoon. The children will using our hands, fingers and feet to create art pieces and working to clay to produce three dimensional work.


Understanding the World

On a Monday afternoon we will be focusing on our surrounding area and comparing it to the city of London. This will include drawing maps of our journey to school and reading maps to find our way around. We will also be creating the flags of the world to link with our Big Pledge to exercise for the World Athletics Championship.

Our topic this term is Healthy Bodies  and this will be explored at greater depth on a Tuesday afternoon with Mrs Dale. The children will be learning about the human body and how to look after it as well as observing the growth of the animals and plants in the classroom. There will be observation areas so the children can watch the beans, caterpillars and tadpoles develop. We will also be walking around the local environment to test our senses and using technology to record our findings.


Our RE will be focusing on the special things in our lives such as people, belongings and places.

We will also continue to have circle times which will explore how to reflect on who we are and our achievements. We will give the children an opportunity to recognise their own achievements. This will encourage and support their skills of personal reflection and talking about themselves in a positive way.









For fun activities on the  Big Day Out website click on the picture below.