Please bring your mask and house coloured t-shirt to school in a bag. No Celebration assembly, Carnival Parade at 1:15pm (field) and Open School from 1:30pm

Surprise workshop!

Welcome to Kim Lyne, Enrichment Programme

Nelson swimming

ARTS Week begins with Salsa ‘Wake and Shake’, Please wear your PE Kit to school today, Quad Kids at Bath University, Mrs Shephard teaching Nelson, Canberra Gymnastics

Voice Tuition, Celebration Assembly at 2:15pm, Elliston Cake Sale and FOS Book and Plant Sale

KS2 Assessments

KS2 Assessments, Enrichment Programme

KS2 Assessments, Nelson swimming

KS2 Assessment Week begins: good luck to Year 6, Zoolab visiting Auckland Class, Canberra Gymnastics