Governors play a significant role in the life of a successful school. They are representatives of the outside world, including specific stakeholder groups and they act as a mirror into and out of the school. Governors are very busy people and their role is voluntary. The Governing Body are active and supportive of school life and their purpose is to help the school to provide the best possible education for its pupils. Schools are required to share the register of business interests and attendance of governors on their website. Please click this link to view our information: Governor Website Info SV 2018-19

Our Governing Body
480Chair: Mr Julian Stapleton




Vice Chair:dr-tom-finnie Dr Tom Finnie




Headteacher: Miss Rachael Brotherton




Mr Graham Shingleton

garyMr Gary Burn




Mrs Nina Jackson

112Mr Adam Lewis




richard-jackmanMr Richard Jackman





Mr Eric Price




Revd. Jane Shaw




Clerk: Mrs Fiona Marshall




Our Committee Structure
Each committee has responsibilites relating to the following areas of school life;

Pupil Welfare Committee: Child protection, safeguarding, health, sex and relationship education, equality, behaviour, anti bullying and e-safety

Curriculum Committee: Ensuring the curriculum is broad and balanced, the implementation of the National Curriculum, Teaching, learning, assessment, special educational needs, collective worship, religious education :

Staffing Committee:Agree staffing levels and make appointments, redundancies and dismissals, decide levels of pay, oversee performance management, responsible for the performance management of the Headteacher, ensure on-going teacher development and training

Finance Committee:Manage the school budget, make sure accurate accounts are kept, determine pay policy in accordance with School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions

Premises Committee:Health and Safety issues, manage the school premises and building work, oversee and update the school’s maintenance plan